The 10 best villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are multiple villagers you can add to your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These villagers will be living alongside you as you complete your daily tasks in the game, participate in seasonal activities with you, and even compete against you in island tournaments. Some of these villagers are liked a bit more by community members, and these are some of the best villagers you add to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons game.

Best villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

All of the villagers have a specific personality associated with them. There are eight in total, four for female villagers and four for males. Many of the popular male personalities are the ‘smug’ or ‘cranky’ ones, whereas the more popular females have the ‘normal’ or ‘snooty’ personality. The type of species of the villager is also factored into popularity. The most unpopular personalities are the female’s sisterly one, of the male’s jock.

10. Sasha the rabbit

Image via Nintendo

Sasha is a character that was introduced to Animal Crossing New Horizons in update 2.0.0 but has previously appeared in Pocket Camp. He is a popular character who is friendly and a little lazy. He likes to live a laid back life, which can mean that the jock personality types may not get along with him very wall.

9. Beau the deer

Image via Nintendo

Beau joins a cast of popular deer characters in Animal Crossing. Beau is one of the few lazy characters to make the list, but his impala-like appearance mixed with the carefree lazy personality makes him an excellent villager. He was introduced in New Leaf.

8. Audie the wolf

Image via Nintendo

Audie the wolf is a new character introduced in New Horizons. She’s a red wolf character with a peppy personality. Peppy characters are energetic and upbeat and usually dream of fame or popularity. It is believed the English version of the name came from the game designer’s grandmother, Audrey Buchanan, who supposedly logged over 3,500 hours in New Leaf who had the player character name Audie.

7. Fang the wolf

Image via Nintendo

Fang the wolf has been in all of the Animal Crossing games, except for Wild World. He’s a wolf who enjoys the frigid temperatures of winter and has a cranky personality. In New Horizons, he wears a default snowflake sweater to show off his admiration for the colder weather and is a welcome addition to any wintertime islanders.

6. Fauna the deer

Image via Nintendo

Fauna is a brown deer villager from New Leaf. She has the normal personality type. Her kindness fits with the typical deer stereotype and association with gentleness. Fauna is so popular there were official plushies of her made. Fauna’s Amiibo card can reach some high numbers, making her one of the more expensive ones to invite directly.

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5. Lolly the cat

Image via Nintendo

The internet loves cats, and Lolly is no exception. Lolly is a grey tabby cat introduced in Animal Forest e+. Lolly has the normal personality type, making her kind and easy to befriend. Lolly is a popular character, likely due to her longevity in the series.

4. Sherb the goat

Image via Nintendo

Sherb is another lazy villager, but this just means he is too lazy to be offended by anything. He loves food, chilling out, and partaking in hobbies that assist him in those areas. He loves to chat with other lazy villagers, but will not get on too well with any jock personalities on your island due to their conflicting approaches to life.

3. Diana the deer

Image via Nintendo

Diana first appeared in New Life as the only deer with a snooty personality. She is a white deer with purple, pink, and light cyan accents. Because of the snooty type of personality, Diana can be slow to warm up to the player and overall rude. Snooty villagers enjoy discussing appearance and gossip. Her decor choice is a clean, iconic style. 

2. Sino the squirrel

Image via Nintendo

Shino is a deer that was added to Animal Crossing New Horizons in the 2.0.0 update. She has already become something of a fan favorite due to her playful and interesting look. With her orange eyes, red horns, and white fangs, she is a very upbeat and happy villager. She will engage in her hobbies a lot and bring a pleasant attitude and tone to the island. Unfortunately, she is also likely to be forgetful, so keep that in mind. Depending on her friendship level, she can reward players with plenty of spark stones and even a picture of herself. She previously appeared in Pocket Camp.

1. Marshal the squirrel

Image via Nintendo

Marshal is the undisputed king of villagers. First introduced in New Leaf, he has been at the top of the popularity chart for years and is coveted by many fans. Marshal is a cream-colored squirrel with the smug personality type. He is prone to talking about how cool or superior he is in certain contexts but is friendly to the player. His popularity likely comes from the fact that smug personalities will sometimes flirt with the player. Marshal is so popular his Amiibo card can reach triple digits on auction sites. 

The best villager to add to your list will be the ones you pick and relate with. The more you can connect with a villager, the more personal the relationship will be, making them a welcome member of your island.

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