Every League of Legends champion in Arcane

Arcane, the new animated series from Riot that can be found on Netflix, is filled with different champions from the game. Some of them are very obvious, like the main characters. Others might only appear briefly or in key scenes.

What Arcane does brilliantly is give us a glimpse into the lives of all these characters, and the important events that forged them into the champions we know from the rift. Be warned, as this article will contain some spoilers.

Every League of Legends champion in Arcane


Over the first few episodes, we see Jinx, known as Powder, struggling to find her place in the rough world of Zaun. It is a violent place, and Jinx has yet to become the gun-totting warrior that we know from the games. Her early obsession with explosions and gadgets is evident, however.


In Arcane, Vi is a teenager, filled with anger and guilt over the death of her parents. She wants revenge against the “Topsiders” in Piltover and is also struggling to help her sister Powder believe in herself. Vi is a scrapper, able to go toe-to-toe with anyone who wants to fight, although she lacks the power and finesse that she will eventually grow to possess.


Jayce is studying scient at Piltover Academy, driven by his own desire to become the man who teaches the world to create, control, and dominate magic. Having had his own life saved by it, he believes it can help the world, but it all goes wrong and result in a massive change in his life.


Heimerdinger is a scientist at the Academy where Jayce studies, and despite offering him advice, and support, is unable to stop him from getting in more trouble than he needs to.


Viktor is in Arcane, but will certainly not be recognizable to fans at first. Viktor is human, and does walk with his signature cane. He works with Jayce, and is still curious about his work even after Jayce loses everything.


Ryze is the person who saved Jayce, appearing from the frosty depths of a blizzard to help Jayce and his mother get to a warm place rather than freezing to death in the snow. It’s a bit of a blink and you’ll miss it moment, and some readers may not even spot that it’s Ryze. This is because he is a more traditional human that we might be used to, but his use of his ultimate ability is a giveaway.


Caitlyn is very young in Arcane, but she is there. She will almost certainly play a far more important role as the series ages up the protagonists.


Singed is something of a bit-part character, an evil scientist working for one of the show’s antagonists, Silco. You don’t see much of him outside of his willingness to experiment and his disregard for life.


Ekko appears as a young boy working in a local shop. He is friends with Vi and Powder and is very much into experimenting with machinery and fixing things. He is shown to be brave, smart, and inquisitive, which makes sense given the events that unfold for the character over time.

Teemo (mentioned)

While Teemo is not a character in the show, he does appear in a book that one of Silco’s goons is reading when they go to intimidate Marcus, the Enforcer officer.

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