Borderlands 3 – How To Unlock The Fourth Weapon Slot

Borderlands 3 is, at its heart, a game about guns. Sure, it has characters and stories, missions and other things, but a lot of us are here for the guns. And if there is one area of Borderlands 3 I am enjoying it is the sheer variety of weapons. Rocket Launchers that fire buzz saw blades, guns with legs, beam weapons that do changing elemental damage, there is a lot to choose from. But you want to carry as many as possible, so how do you get that fourth weapon slot?

Borderlands 3 – How To Unlock The Fourth Weapon Slot

Much like the third weapon slot, all you can do to unlock the fourth weapon slot is keep playing the game. It will unlock when you hit a very specific story mission. Do story missions, side missions, pick up collectibles and kill bad guys, they all get you a healthy dose of experience that will help you and you don’t want to arrive at this story mission underpowered. Once you do, the fourth slot will unlock, and you will be able to put four weapons in your loadout, allowing you to cover just about all damage types and eventualities.

At level 10 you get the third slot, but level 10 comes pretty fast in the game, while progression begins to slow down it can feel like it take a long time to hit tis story mission, so it feels like a long time between getting more weapon slots. Thankfully, all you have to do is power through some campaign, and you will get that extra slot in no time at all. You are probably looking at around 12-14 hours in game to get to this point.

While you are waiting for the fourth slot, you can visit Marcus on the Sanctuary and get yourself extra ammo capacity, if you have been running out. You can also pick up more bag space, more storage space, and more room for grenades, which will increase your ability to both make money and kill things.

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